You’re Unique, Stinky Feet

Helping kids find their true selves, the one God created them to be, is part of my mission in life. I long to see kids who are comfortable being themselves and growing into the person God created them to be. This can happen, but it takes a a lot of help from praying, encouraging, Godly adults. One such adult wrote a poem to encourage her own children, and it so strongly speaks to the God-Confidence I am trying to help kids find, that I had to share. Its cute, catchy and true. I hope you will share it with the children in your life.

You’re Unique, Stinky Feet

by Stephanie Keeney

 Do you have freckles or dimples? Are you messy or neat?

Do you have braces or glasses or big stinky feet?

Are you ticklish or pricklish? Or quiet or loud?

Are you a leader or part of the crowd?

Dark skin, light skin, tall or short?

Watch in the stands or play on the court?

Have an innie or an outie? Like the cold or the heat?

Missing tooth? Birthmark? Allergic to wheat?

We’re not all the same, it’s plain to see. It’s just the way we’re meant to be!

Brown eyes or blue eyes? Or hazel or green?

Or maybe a color somewhere in-between?

Long hair or short? Curly, wavy or straight?

Are you sometimes on time, or occasionally late?

Left-handed, right-handed, skinny or plump?

A homerun hitter or in a slight slump?

Are you wiggly or giggly? Little or big?

Perhaps you are bald, or wearing a wig?

We’re not all the same, it’s plain to see. Just be the best you that you can be!

God made you so special, and it shows,

Right down to the tips of your pinky toes!

So be proud of yourself and what makes you You!

‘Cause you’re unique, stinky feet…and guess what?

I am too!

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Tina Schramme

Children & Family Ministry Director at First Methodist Mansfield in Texas; passionate about helping families raise adults who will love God with all of their heart; "Orange" thinker; runner; mom to Parker and Grayson; wife to Gene.

2 thoughts on “You’re Unique, Stinky Feet”

  1. So “stinking” cute! I know this was written from the heart and is a reminder to all of us that we are perfect in Christ’s image!!

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