Rwanda day 6

Everything in Zoe is done through working groups of 80-100 children. At their first meeting they elect a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. They also select a few mentors from adults who have been kind to them in their community. Then, they have regular meetings and decide how to distribute resources. They attend trainings and learn to have compassion for one another and build each other up. When one child is struggling, the others help.

Today we met a young family with the head of household (the oldest child) at age 14. He and his two siblings, twelve and eight years old, had been alone for seven years when Zoe found them. Because they were struggling more than others, the group helped them build a garden and an outhouse. That the other children can share so soon and while still struggling themselves is amazing.

Another pair of brothers, ages 12 and 13, had their small business of charcoal production stolen. They will find solace in the group. They are going to start a co-op with others and begin to watch out for each other. The mentor and other group leaders will work together to help them.

I am in awe of God at work in these children. A completely desperate situation can be turned around in a matter of months with hope, love and support of community. These children still have a long way to go. Their road is still hard. Continue to pray for them and support them in any way you can.

Final visits tomorrow as we head to Kigali for our last night in Rwanda. I am in love with this country. It will be sad to leave.

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