Leaving Rwanda

As I write, I am on a plane heading for the US. I already miss Rwanda. I miss the breath-taking landscape of rolling hills, green trees, and farms on the sides of mountains. I miss the language and the way the natives speak it so beautifully. I miss the way I could see God working all around me in the community groups, the mentors, the kindness of the people, and the tremendous courage I saw in each child.

I am forever changed. These children are imprinted on my heart. I cannot think the same. I cannot love the same or speak the same. Every thought, action and word will be tempered with what I have experienced. I saw God at work in new ways that I did not think possible. I saw the power of a tiny inkling of hope. I experienced the power of community and prayer and love and grace. I saw a big God working in the lives of little people. I believe Zoe Ministry is changing the face of Rwanda and Africa. I’m thankful God let me be a small part of his work. I love serving a big God.

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Tina Schramme

Children & Family Ministry Director at First Methodist Mansfield in Texas; passionate about helping families raise adults who will love God with all of their heart; "Orange" thinker; runner; mom to Parker and Grayson; wife to Gene.

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