Just Talk About It

The Search Institute published research findings from a study called Effective Christian Education: A National Study of Protestant Congregations. These findings tell us what factors were involved in producing adults who now profess a mature faith. Here’s what they found:

Certain personal experiences have a measurable positive impact on the maturity of faith of the believer. The most powerful of these experiences is conversations about God with one’s mother during the ages of 5-12. But among mainline denominations 16-18-year-olds, almost 40% say that conversation rarely or never occurred.

Talking with one’s father about faith or about God at the ages of 13-15 is another powerful correlate with mature faith, but 56% say this has happened rarely or never for them. Other powerful experiences for children and youth are talking with other relatives about faith, the experience of having family talks about faith, family service projects, and the number of friends who have strong religious interests.

Take away: Parents, talk to your kids about their faith and yours. I’ve been saying this for years; you don’t have to have formal family devotions, just make your faith a part of every day life and conversation. Make a point of using the words, God, Jesus and Faith every day. You’ll be surprised how easy it is when you try. When you struggle with an issue, talk about it, ask for prayers, and do the same for your kids. Point out when you see God’s handiwork. Talk about how God works or has worked in your life. You don’t have to show them a perfect picture of a Christian, just talk. You’ll be teaching them that Christianity is a way of life, not an event on Sundays.